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Elevator Pitch : Help American consumers compare mortgage rates and help them understand the market.
Stage : Funded by (and spinoff of) Reflexity
Person attending : George Favvas, Kelly Rusk, Sean Braithwaite, Mathieu Martin


Elevator Pitch : Using proprietary technology POSILIGHT provides cost-saving, and energy efficient lighting solutions intended for vertical refrigerator and freezer cases typically found within food retail environments.
Stage : Pre-funding
Person attending : Robert Simoneau

QPS Photronics Inc

Elevator Pitch : QPS designs and develops automated condition monitoring solutions for power plants and wind turbine industry. Using patented fiber optics vibration sensor technology our devices avoid unplanned stoppage and save utility companies millions of dollars in lost revenue.
Stage : Seed funded, looking for Angel funding to expand to international markets
Person attending : Peter Kung


Person attending : Simon Law, Erik Wright

Book Oven

Elevator Pitch : online collaborative platform for making books.
Stage : Angel funded.
Person attending : Hugh McGuire, Stephanie Troeth

CO2 Vortech

Elevator Pitch : Using vortex technologies to create renewable energy on a large scale
Stage : Seed funded. Looking for startup funding.
Person attending : Jacques Cantin, Stéphane Lessard


Elevator Pitch : pay cash on the web
Stage : Seeking seed funding
Person attending : Marc-Andre Lamarche, Jean-Sebastien Boulanger

Control Yourself

URL : Control Yourself
Elevator Pitch : Open Source microblogging
Stage : Seed funded
Person attending : Evan Prodromou


Elevator Pitch : Intelligent anti-spam solution for social web applications like blogs, forums, etc.
Stage : Acquired by Websense Inc.
Person attending : Carl Mercier


Elevator Pitch : Making email the best way to share documents
Stage : Bootstrapped, Private Beta
Person attending : Bruno Morency

EQL Data

Elevator Pitch : In today's economy, why spend money rewriting apps when you can modernize instantly instead? EQL's first product lets you instantly publish any Microsoft Access database to the web, giving new life to the hundreds of thousands of legacy but business-critical custom Access applications. Results are searchable, chartable, themable, programmable, and revision-controlled.
Stage : Pre-funding.
Person attending : Avery Pennarun


Elevator Pitch : Klaxa is a B2B play, offering the Wireless Telecom Industry an intuitive reliable Base Station Management Software allowing the Carriers to remotely manage their Network as well as resolve maintenance, upgrades and operational issues in a faster and secure way, leading to a significant reduction in operating expenses
Stage : Pre-revenue, commercialization
Person attending : Pierre Sergerie, CEO


Elevator Pitch : Freemium model, socially driven edutainment targeting children ages 6-12.
Stage : Seed funded, seeking angel-level startup investment
Person attending : Danny Iny


Elevator Pitch : A new way to find information on the internet.
Stage : Pre-funding.
Person attending : Joseph Turian, Ph.D.


URL: []
Elevator pitch: GTD Software for Getting Things Done (R), Web 2.0-style, based on the methodology by David Allen and co.
Stage: Privately Funded. Accepting Beta Users.
Person attending: Elbert McLaughlin

Positive Split

Elevator Pitch : Offering runners, triathletes, gym members and athletes of all kinds a new and fun way to enhance their indoors training.
Stage : Prototyping stage, seeking seed funding
Person attending : Frederick Le Page, CEO ; Gabriel Marechal, COO

Praized Media

Elevator Pitch :Praized Media was founded to help media companies tap into the growing potential of online word-of-mouth and social media.
Stage: vc-funded (seed round level)
Person attending : Sebastien Provencher, Sylvain Carle


Elevator Pitch : Website builder tools adapted for niche markets.
Stage : Bootstrapped, profitable since 2004. Looking for a partner to manage business development.
Person attending : Chris Vinson

Standout Jobs

Elevator Pitch : Recruitment micro-sites and applicant tracking.
Stage : Launched commercially since beginning of 2009. VC and angel financed.
Person attending : Ben Yoskovitz


Elevator Pitch: GIGDoggy's fanteraction™ service allows bands to share their song lyrics, bios and exclusive content with fans during and after their gigs through iphones and blackberries
Stage: Beta launch 1st May. Bootstrapped, seeking partners/angel-funding
Person attending: Gregory Whiteside


Elevator Pitch : We develop fun and useful apps to enhance your Twitter experience.
Stage : Self-funded
Person attending : Felipe Coimbra


Elevator Pitch: Arkalumen is developing the future of light. Our intelligent polychromatic lighting control technology unlocks the full potential of a new generation of LED lighting. The future is bright for solid-state light.
Stage: Pre-funding, previous presenter at StartupCampMontreal3
Persons Attending: Gerry Briggs, Alok Mohindra, Sean Murray

TQT by iSystemes, Inc.

Elevator Pitch: The next generation of ERP. TQT is the strategic management system for strategic, focused organizations. Organizational excellence through individual empowerment.
Stage: Bootstrapped with existing customers, seeking venture capital/angel-funding
Persons attending: Kate Conner, Jeremy Kahn

Budget Objects

URL: []
Elevator Pitch: Budget Objects is in the development of an advanced budgeting system that will allow companies to save thousands of hours and countless heartache.
Stage: early stage development, seeking venture capital/angel-funding
Persons attending: J-R Leonard


Elevator pitch: MySecureID Technologies, a software and hardware company, has developed a unique patented method to authenticate on-line users of
e-commerce and e-banking which simplifies, automates and secures identities over the net.
Stage: Pilot Project with a University seeking venture capital/angel-funding
Person attending: Moshe Hezrony


Elevator pitch: Tungle is a calendar accelerator. It enables you to: 1. Easily schedule meetings with anyone. 2. Share calendars inside or outside your company (regardless of the calendar platform being used. 3. Allow others to schedule meetings with you.
Stage: Officially out of beta since April 21st 2009. VC financed.
Person attending: Marc Gingras (, Jacou Sarrazin (


Elevator pitch: Social networking site for the intellectually disable (name of site TBA)
Stage: Pre-funding
Person attending: Sherman Samuel

Elevator Pitch : was created out of an interest in testing beta software, and the process of creating websites. Main interests. Creating an interactive social community. Also creating an application that can be used by an already established user base on a well known website. example: twitter spin offs , Facebook apps , Share save apps , Url shortening. Using javascript , ajax , authentication methods and similar technologies.
Stage : Learning.
Person attending : Gary Wallis
Unable to attend : Please contact me with any relevant material moc.atebuz|nimda#moc.atebuz|nimda . Thank you.


Elevator pitch: Subscription-based recreational adult soccer club. "Gym" for team sports.
Stage: Funding
Person attending: Farah Ahmad

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